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Los Angeles Chinatown can accommodate all your entertainment and leisurely needs!  Whether if you are a foodie, history buff, hiker, photographer, shopper, culture-lover, thrill-seeker, museum and festival goer, cyclist, artist, jogger, nature-lover, kids, adults or seniors – we have something here for you!

Places to Explore/Sight-Seeing – The best way to explore Los Angeles Chinatown is to be on foot!  Everything is within a 1-mile by ½-mile radius so you are sure not to miss anything exciting.

1.    Historical places and parks

a.    L.A. Chinatown Heritage and Visitors Center (Chinese Historical Society of Southern California)
b.    Los Angeles State Historical Park (Cornfield)
c.    El Pueblo De Los Angeles Historical Monument,
d.    Union Station – site of original Los Angeles Chinatown
e.    Olvera Street
f.    Chinese American Museum - site of second Los Angeles Chinatown
g.    Central Plaza – site of New Los Angeles Chinatown since 1938

i.    Sculpture of Dr. Sun Yat Sen (history )
ii.    Hong Buildings
iii.    North-East-South-West Gates (East and West Gates are nationally designated historical-cultural monuments)
iv.    Hop Louie Restaurant

h.    Chung King Plaza / West Plaza

i.    Chinese "Tongs" and Associations' Buildings
i.    Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, Los Angeles  (website in Chinese only)
ii.    Kong Chow Benevolent Association, Los Angeles
iii.    Teochew Association, Los Angeles, 649 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012

j.    Thien Hau Temple, Los Angeles
k.    Metro Gold Line Chinatown Station
l.    Chinatown Gateway Monument, Broadway and Cesar E. Chavez
m.    Pacific Alliance Medical Center
n.    Cathedral High School (Los Angeles),_California)

o.    Philippe's Restaurant

p.    Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
q.    Saint Peter's Italian Church in Los Angeles
r.    Dodgers Stadium

Activities and Entertainment – The best way to explore Los Angeles Chinatown is on foot!

1.      Walking tours – self-guided


2.    Walking tours – tour guide led; fee

a.    Shopping & dining focus - Undiscovered Chinatown Walking Tour
b.    Historical focus

3.    Scavenger Hunt (fee)

4.    Art galleries in Chung King Plaza

5.    Hiking/Nature

a.    Radio Hill Gardens &
b.    Elysian Park

Food & Restaurants – Los Angeles Chinatown primarily serves Cantonese Chinese cuisine.  However, don't miss the authentic Vietnamese food.  Plenty of Mexican fare in the El Pueblo vicinity, with excellent Southeast Asian cuisine scattered throughout.  One is advised not to get too full at any one place in order to enjoy all the yummy eateries and bakeries you find on every block.

General listing with cuisine category drop-down list, some with menus

Best-known for:
1.    Dim sum
2.    Grocery stores
3.    Bakeries
4.    Fresh poultry and seafood

Shopping – Savvy shoppers will arm themselves with plenty of cash in small bills.  Be prepared to bargain.  Ask about return and exchange policies.  Be sure to write down the store name and location in case you want to come back – it is known to easily get lost in our shopping plazas!  It is wise to bring shopping carts and recycled shopping bags if you plan to do some serious shopping.

Business listings - general listing with cuisine category drop-down list

Best-known for:
1.  Jewelry stores
2.  Chinese décor and antiques
3.  Gift shops
4.  Clothing
5.  Herbal stores
6.  Dynasty Plaza, Saigon Plaza, Chinatown Plaza
7.  Central Plaza
8.  Chung King Plaza / West Plaza
9.  Others
10.  Barber shops and hairdressers